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User Research for Teams

2 days of learning

You choose 2 days for tailored workshop sessions (held at our place or yours).


For up to 5 team members.

$1,000 for each additional person (max capacity is 10)

User Research

Learn how your users see the world.

User Research is a two-day workshop that dives deeper into the user research component of the UX process. You and your team will learn how to conduct user research including stakeholder and user interviews, mapping this information to create personas, constructing mental models to understand how your users see the world, and developing context scenarios to define system requirements.

What we'll cover.

User Research

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews


  • Synthesizing interview information (aka behavior mapping)
  • Provisional personas
  • Full personas

Mental Models

  • Mapping products, people, emotions, and artifacts to activities

Context Scenarios

  • Creating scenarios based on interviews and mental models
  • Drawing high and low level requirements from context scenarios

Cost includes all training materials. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are also provided.

Price does not include travel expenses (if we travel to your location).

Why should you book this workshop?

Really knowing your users gives you the insight you need to create a product that works for them, and for you.

When you understand the personas that use your system, everyone can better communicate and respond to customer needs.

By understanding and following the research process, you’re preparing a foundation for design and the rest of the project.

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